*NOTE: here when I speak about Rap, I am speaking about Rap with violent sexist lyrics—and not all rap music.

I want to speak about MUSIC and Songs so that this can help you understand other related issues (not as far as music theory–but as far as music in relation to civil rights and the law):

Music is harmony of many sounds. If you play the guitar alone, it is just the guitar. MUSIC, then, sets your brain up to receive “harmony” and agreement of things. And it gives a good tone to “many things coming together as one”. HARMONY and not HARM. Music and songs are not just speech and sound– but they are part of an atmosphere. The atmosphere is something that engulfs an area. It sets the mood for things. When it comes to music, one area where the law applies is in the laws that are related to NOISE.  When it comes to sound, there is “loud”– which is in consideration to volume of sound. And there is “noisy” which is in consideration to appropriateness of sound. Noise is sound pollution and it is considered noise if it BOTHERS people—where sometimes the bother is in the volume of it. Why is it not just the “loudness” of it that makes it noise? because at certain times, for example, the same volume would not bother you. In addition, whispering can be noisy too. Sometimes whispering can be noisy (bothersome sound) and it is not close to being loud.

There are certain things that are forbidden because they bother people ANYTIME of the day. Usually we have industrial areas that are far from residents, for example. If something bothers people and it is atmospheric sound, it is enough to classify it as noise. Noise is distributive of peace. Hence, violent lyrics and lyrics where one can expect the average person (in this case, mostly women) to be bothered by it are distributive of peace. IT IS NOISE–AND IF ONE WAS TO SAY IT IS NOT BECAUSE IT MAY NOT BE LOUD, THEN DO NOT EVER SPEAK BUT WHISPER FROM NOW ON UNTIL HE CHANGES HIS MIND. Show him how whispering can be noisy. Harmony in itself is not noise — meaning that anything in harmony is not bothersome–this is where the volume of something becomes the noise even if we have harmony. VOLUME ITSELF,  in such case, IS THE NOISE AND NOT THE MUSIC IN HARMONY.

If music is harmony, then the opposite of music is noise. If it is bothersome in itself, then it is not music. MUSIC is for people and is not defined on its own accord. Music is harmony of sounds meeting and not NOISE of sounds meeting.

Music should not be noisy in itself because that is not music (that is the opposite of music) as it is a disregard to the harmony that makes it “music”. If you are making music and it is noisy: it is a character of an inability in terms of making music (look at article above for more info). The atmosphere that rap music creates is harmful and does not allow peace for women. Someone is going to bother her every minute because of it even if the music itself is not bothering her.

The police may sometimes stop a car if the stereo is too loud. They may come to your house if your music is too loud.  And the context of speech should receive that same enforcement of the law when it is atmospheric (and it does everywhere else except for music). THE POLICE PULLS SOMEONE OVER BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL BE BOTHERED BY SOMETHING NOISY. BOTHERED IS THE CONCEPT HERE. No where else does the law allow you to bother people. And some “music” bothers people: it attacks them, it minimizes their experience and their existence as part of an acceptable atmosphere. MUSIC IS CREATIVE–AND WHEN IT IS POPULAR, IT CREATES A NEW ATMOSPHERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO LIVE UNDER! THAT IS THE CREATIVE: ATMOSPHERIC.

THE QUESTION IS: IF THIS ATMOSPHERE–WHICH IS NOW JUST SOUND/MUSIC–BECOMES PART OF OUR ATMOSPHERE (SOCIETAL) in action, HOW WOULD THE LAW HANDLE IT? What is preached in that music is against the law. You want a proof? “fu*k the police!”-there is your proof!  WE ARE ENTITLED TO AN ATMOSPHERE THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM IN AND OF ITSELF. (I understand the environment that black people live in…I will get to that). The harmony of music (instruments coming together) makes one’s mind expect that the voice to join this music will be in agreement to harmony. Your mind is going to store what is being said in agreement—it stores it as GOOD (due to harmony being good–because it happens quickly). It expects a lack of abuse–which is a character of harmony. Harmony is similar to an atmosphere where “things are going well!”. You are not entitled to abuse harmony itself and how the brain functions to include the lack of harmony and the attack against harmony as part of it. You cannot deliver an attack in a  box labeled HARMONY. It is tricking the brain to accept it in agreement to HARMONY. So what is responsible for accepting this music is HARMONY (not the lyrics–because the lyrics appear as good due to that harmony—“that rhyme is tight!!” we like that it “Worked out” more than what the it means until action time). Harmony is being exploited to deliver harm. Hence, such music is abusive of goodness. Those who like harmony (beats..and rhymes… music….peace… things working out well) are getting something against the goodness for which they liked it. Let me tell you what I mean: we all feel a need to do something good sometimes. Rap music satisfies that feeling. It also feels like you have received something good in you. And what is it? THE SEXISM IS MADE GOOD, FOR EXAMPLE….IT RECEIVED A “GOOD” LABEL WHERE OTHERWISE IT MAY NOT HAVE. You want a proof for that one too? okay, here: you are a man and the girl you just broke up with is calling your phone and is crying on your voicemail and you are in your car…if the song was “these days” by Rascal Flatts, you may pick up the phone and feel bad little bit—or think a little bit about the situation while you drive. But if you have rap music on, then,  “f*ck this bi*ch!” is cool with you. YOU WILL MOVE ON QUICKLY AND NOT CARE ABOUT HER FEELINGS AS MUCH!  OR YOU MAY EVEN GET ANGRY AT HER… SEE? BIG DIFFERENCE!

Let us put this in relation to black people: if I was to hear that a black woman got pistol whipped in the ghetto, I may want to send a rescue team. But now we are dancing to it. With the music, the urge to do something about it turns to, “something has already been done! and now it is in harmony!”–do you not feel that way when you hear it? It is hurting black people the most because it makes fun of that harm. IT MOCKS THE WOMAN WHO WAS HURT AND NOW SHE IS JUST “THE HOOD RAT”. Listen: all the songs you have made so far are not worth a woman being seen as a “hood rat”. ALL OF YOUR SONGS!!

Why can we not be silly and say whatever we want in our albums? because nothing in this world encourages thoughtlessness towards those who have the ability to think. Death is the only thing that does. If it does, it is not part of our world. It is good to think about others when you do ANYTHING. You are not free from doing that–EVER.

I want you to fill in the blank for this multiple choice question with the correct answers (there is more than one)

Music has a fun element in it, therefore we should_________________________.

A) it should be about fun silly things.
B) we should make it child friendly.
C) we should play it at parties..
D) we should make it about drugs so that people will find them more fun to do.
F) we should make it about hurting women so that women would stop complaining when we do it and they see it as less serious
G) We should make it about women being used and disposed of as fast as the song ends so that becomes what is fun… I mean otherwise she would be crying.
H) none of the above.

WHICH ONES? you tell me!

Clearly to rap, it is fun because it is music. BUT THAT IS THE PROBLEM: IT IS NOT FUN AND IT SURE SEEMS LIKE IT. It is similar to playing paintball shooting—- but rap is with real guns. It is fun if you don’t care about the ones getting shot! The bullet would be the same as the paintball for you  if you do not care about the people getting shot! If you take the beat by itself, it is fun. If you take the words by themselves, they are not fun. You put them together, and the beat silences the “not fun” part of the lyrics and people take them in as fun.  THAT IS A PROBLEM!! I mean: white people saw slavery as “whatever” and that is what made it wrong. THAT IS THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE DEFENSE STATEMENT! “Did you know that black people do get shot in the ghetto?”, you may ask. Yes. And I will get to that issue.


Songs are collective societal ideas that are collected, given a different tone, and redistributed back to people. At their start, they are collective intellectual property—that gain ownership by the artist only for the different tone (hence, voice). For example, “love” is not an idea that is just the artist’s. Love is experienced in similar manner due to ALL of our existence. You take the idea of “LOVE” and you give it a tone where it may be a sad tone or a hopeful tone or an excited tone. And then you take all of that “LOVE” (love in all people in society) and you place it in a bag, you vacuum seal it, and then you let it out for us to hear. It is a transaction where we pay to benefit from this “different tone”. A great example of this “benefit” is Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. The thought that was collected is “feeling alone…being in fear… uncertainty” and it is taken and given a new tone of “strength…value of the self…rising above”. So the “business” here valued the customers highly… if this was a business, it would be one of the best businesses.

Let us take a look at rap:

In music, noise (that which people find to be bothersome) is an inability in terms of making music. Harm is making an ability out of this inability. And this is no longer music—it is just harm in the form of music. LOOK LOOK LOOK–WATCH: I CAN TAKE TWO STICKS AND BEAT YOUR HEAD WITH THEM LIKE IT IS A DRUM AND BE ON POINT WITH THEM—IT IS HARM THAT SOUNDS LIKE A DRUM BEAT! IT IS NOT MUSIC! IF THE WORDS IN RAP MUSIC WERE A STICK, THEY WOULD BE DOING THAT TO WOMEN! Harm is not music–AND MUSIC DOES NOT JUSTIFY HARM. Rap music is the use of ability to purposefully give the product of inability. THERE IS NO MUSIC. THERE IS HARM TOWARDS MUSIC ITSELF. It is an abuse of music. After the beating of someone’s head with a stick, for example, a person may squint their eyes when they hear an actual drum beat sound thereafter—showing that it is an abuse of music itself.

Rap is a transaction deferred. where the cost is to be paid by the women.  The idea collected is “women”. BUT THAT IS NOT AN IDEA–AM NOT AN IDEA OR AN OBJECT OF YOUR IMAGINATION. I AM NOT PART OF YOUR ART PROJECT WHERE I HAVE TO DO AS YOU SAY FOR A LIFE.  So there is an abuse of women just by that. Then IT gets a different tone, ” women as a sexual object”. And due to this change of tone, women are turned into his property (due to artists gaining owner through the change of tone).  AND YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT WHEN YOU HEAR IT–YOU FEEL A SENSE OF PROPERTY THAT THE ARTIST HAS OVER WOMEN. Hence,In rap music, women are a sexual property— they are a “sexual idea” where they do not have any other ideas at all. is that a fair description of what rap does? yes. SO: God is giving you a woman here and you gave her a supposedly “better tone”. But this better tone only applies to all aspects of the song except women. Why is she the only thing off tone in your music? why is she the only thing made with a bad sound quality?  women are given a bad tone which is combated by a stronger and more assertive beat to downplay the harshness of that tone–so that harmony can be achieved. A WOMAN IS SOLD OUT IN THAT MUSIC. They are a property of men to have fun using. He is the lord of men who will listen to what he says as he gains ownership of this “tone change” called a woman (or now is called a hoe). THEY WILL DO AS HE SAYS IN THE NAME OF HARMONY (abuse of it). HENCE, MEN ARE ALSO ABUSED BY RAP MUSIC. Under the terms of “giving an idea a different tone” he can do with women as he pleases because he owns that “different tone”. In the song, HERO, we paid for the song and we benefited. Here, the benefit is “women paying the cost”—and it is appealing because imagine if it is right and it is truly fun (imagine if it truly yields to harmony)! THAT WOULD BE GREAT!! IT DOES NOT, HOWEVER! And we have many court cases of abuse, abortion, and  sex problems that this is creating a problem for people without them knowing it. In addition, the idea that is collected sometimes is: “problems in the hood”…. and rap music gives it a different tone, called, “NO PROBLEM!” Where he is the owner of this different tone—and now he “owns the hood” (literally he says it in that music). Not only that, but he is speaking about the ghetto in harmony. And here is how it feels like (if you listen to rap, you will agree): it feels like you want to live there. Like you would not mind it. Like it seems more fun than bad. Like you would be cool. BUT IT IS NOT! How can we get this generation that is growing up to help then?

Rap music is collecting the problems that are faced by black people and giving them a tone that tells all of us, “DO NOT HELP!”… It calls their women, “hood rats” and “hoes” and “bitches” and “haters” and “unworthy” and “violent” and “untrustworthy” and ” worthy of being killed”. And the issue is that black people are silenced by this music. The power of this harmony is that it makes them okay with being silenced by it. In comparison to the popularity of this music, no one is listening to this “hood rat” and these “hoes” and “bitches” and “haters”. NOPE: their voice is not heard thereafter. Sometimes the property that rap music collects is “problems” and they are distributed as “good” for the rest of society. It is a war against society itself—specially women. Yes we have a sexist society but we need to deal with it properly and not exploit it as fun. And what this does is that it plays onto the sexism where women are working hard to fix it. Where we gain in abortion rights, that right becomes abused by how many women are treated as the music says. Where we gain in birth control rights, that right becomes abused by such music. AND IT MAKES IT SEEM LIKE THE RIGHTS WE ARE GAINING ARE NOT RIGHT!

I will end this part of the paper on the music and the sound part of rap… but I still have the Law part of it where freedom of speech is concerned. That will be my next paper.

Let me say one more thing: It is sad if rap music gets cleaned up— but it is not in the long run. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT MUSIC ABOVE WOMEN, THEN I WILL ASK: How do you feel about the KKK making music in regards to enslaving and butchering black people? IT IS JUST MUSIC!!! Is it appropriate for music? Is it okay for it to be classified as “fun”? WOULD THAT BE FUN? no… I don’t even want to hear the beat that it may have. Just because it is women, it does not mean, “WHO CARES?”—– because here is the thing about the question that asks,”who cares?” it is hard to find the answer to that question since the question is dismissive of the answer (the answer being: women—she is the one who cares!).