Sexism: Criminal Intent

A crime is an act suffered by a person to a degree that hinders her ability to recover from it on her own as for that to speak about the involvement of other people even if “no one else” appears to be involved in that act and specially if “no one else” appears to be involved in that act. In that, the magnitude of a crime is that it will always spread to a point where justice itself becomes a form of injustice—allowing us to say: A crime is a crime against justice.

Sexism is a crime against justice itself. And sexism is a crime that is intentional in being a crime against women as its intent is to make sure that a woman is not able to recover from it on her own. Hence, we see the intent to be criminal as its element is that which is usually merely an aspect of what makes a crime (Usually, we push a person down the stairs, for example, and that person is not able to recover on their own where that raises questions about our intent and whether we pushed that person with the intent to harm them or whether we pushed them by accident). Yet, with sexism, the intent is clear: women should not recover on their own and things will be done in order to make sure of that. When the crime done is merely nothing but a crime being allowed to manifest, we may be lead to ask, despite it being a redundant gesture: “what is the nature of that crime?” And when redundancy is in relation to crime, we can say that the intent is what constitutes an “evil”. For within such crime, life itself is put in the process of recovery. And what we have today as men are trying to make amends despite the insult of it all, is a sort of a modern spin on what it means to live in a state of crime. The truth is the truth and is the truth and is the truth. And the truth is an accessory to the crime when it comes to sexism as one attempts to use it as an earring here and as a bracelet there and as a necklace here and as a finger-ring there—- turning life itself into an insulting gesture that often is unbearable to stand. The decorative aspect of “truth abused” is a thing that turns it into a lie nevertheless: meaning, within a crime of such magnitude, there is no truth respected. Yet, the truth is not a secondary aspect of existence and neither is it a thing that belongs to thieves.  Hence, we see that a crime is often something that lacks truth and is often in need of a forensic investigation.

The involvement of other people in a crime is a necessary aspect of what makes a crime lest one is insulting the intelligence of that person where that in itself is also a crime within the context of nothingness. Meaning: if you were to say, “this is not a crime” when in fact it is one, one is saying, “this person is stupid and that is why this has happened to them”…and so within the “this is nothing..who cares?” this in itself is a crime against the intelligence of that person as to have us look around and say, “why is this person stupid? and who allowed for them to be stupid?” as to say, “who manipulated with their mind?” In that, manipulations is the hiding of criminal evidence and manipulation is part of the crime. Hence, stupidity is not a defense statement and neither is it a thing that one can use as evidence against a person within a criminal case. In that, if men want to say, “we were stupid” in having committed the crimes against women, we must take that as an insult against the state and against the nation and against the women who have raised them as to then say, “calling us stupid and seeing us as stupid was part of the reasons you have abused us!” Hence, nothingness is negligence made criminal and lack-of-care is the force of that nothingness made criminal and even happiness is a motive of that nothingness made criminal…for what is a criminal way but another way of life?

Again: the involvement of other people in a crime is a necessary aspect of what makes a crime. And as mentioned above, it often appears that the victim of a crime is one who is “Alone” at the crime scene. Hence, one can say that “loneliness” is also an aspect of a criminal society where injustice has been the way of life for far too long. The “alone” aspect of a crime when it comes to the victim says that “alone” is a weapon used in committing the crime. And when it comes to the criminal, “alone” is an aspect of a crime that is often tied to “repercussions” given that the criminal does not want to be caught and “punished” for the crime committed. And, hence, and as I have mentioned before in this organization, forgiveness towards men is not a just “punishment” for the crimes they have committed against women. For sexism is a crime that I believe to deserve punishment to the fullest extent of the law of truth as g-d is our witness. In that, we have men who have committed crimes against women for centuries…and we have a basic pathway that men want us to take in relation to our “recovery” as to say that we must try to forgive and that we must try to get on the same page as to not note the blood they have left on the back pages of the crime scene that is the past. And all I have to say is that justice must be served before we serve men and their interest and that justice must be served as to make sure that the truth shines its light to never be dimmed again. Hence, women must become that truth and we must speak it as our experience has been lived by us as to bring forth the terms of that needed justice.

The span of any crime is one that does not call for forgiveness…on the contrary, the span of a crime makes it a thing of a torture. To get off in abusing the “where” of this earth upon us as a crime that has been used against us in full is similar to us living 2 inches away from the flaming sun. So where do men get off? And for that, we have been made one of the same as the totality of things abused in it as to make the woman who got her arm amputated be the same as the value of the “arm not in its place”. Meaning: our value system has been screwed with as to allow for men to continue their abusive behavior against us. For in relation to crime, abuse is in the duration and torture is when duration is no longer a  thing that is important to account for as it becomes a thing manifesting itself as pain and suffering. Hence, and again, forgiveness is not an option in relation to sexism—and men have agreed to that in relation to the actions they have taken up against us.

When crime is a punishment, what is a just punishment against those who commit a crime? And the ability to escape the punishment has long been used by men as a thing that has supposedly enticed them to commit the crime. In that, men have accused g-d of being responsible for the way they have behaved as to call on him to be the one who bestows justice without our involvement—-only for them to commit religious crimes against each other as that apparently does not require g-d to be involved at all. In that, the physical strength of men has been used as a way of serving their punishment only for them to use their guilt and their hard-labor as to bestow upon us even more abuse than the one already suffered. We are not a jail cell, however, and neither have we ever tried to persecute men in general for them to take lead in deciding a judgment against themselves despite the fact that men have acted in an unjust manner against each other as to create a sense of “punishment” and a sense of “judgment” against “other men” for the crimes they are committing—which is a thing that we must conclude to be a part of the crime against us nevertheless. Meaning that the holocaust was a crime against women and slavery was a crime against women. For when men call such acts to be a “justice once and for all”, we see that these acts are merely a sexist ad-justment that allows for sexism to recover more so than the woman is allowed to. And as we are reaching a “more fair” generation of men who are seen as “less racist” and “less sexist”, we can say to them, “I am glad that the adjustments-made have finally suited your taste!” as we are no longer punched in the face but merely slapped by the past warning us of our history as a form of a threat. So again, when crime is a punishment, what is a just punishment against those who committed a crime against women? I say that a crime also has one element: the deprivation of a person’s right to act in a manner as to serve justice against those who have harmed her. Yes, all I am saying is that I cannot wait to punish men because that is the kind of person that I am—in that, we can see that “punishment” is a thing that is negative since otherwise we may see it as a positive thing….right? It is not my fault that punishment is negative. I did not invent that idea and neither am I one who has been “all for it” since the lord has created this earth. And although I would love for “forgiveness” to be the solution, I am not the lord for that to be so as Jesus Christ himself tried to bring that as a solution only for him to die in accordance to its terms…hence, who the hell are women to act through such arrogance and narcissism as to think that they are better than Jesus Christ?

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