Sexual Misconduct—Series # 1

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This is the first post in our “Sexual Misconduct” series. In light of the new sexual harassment cases that have risen in our country and in light of my interest in regards to Sex Workers and their rights, I have created this graph below. In this post, I will be speaking about this graph and explaining it a little bit in general terms before I focus on each area for my upcoming posts:. The graph may seem a little complex, but it is not:


The figure above shows the way sexual behavior intersects in all aspects of our society in order to yield to the status quo behavior and what is seen as “acceptable” sexual conduct within it. I am hoping that this graph will shed some light on areas of Sex Work, Sex Crimes, Sexual Harassment, And overall Societal Sexual Conduct as to help us identify the exact place where an act becomes sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and/or a sex crime. In addition, I am hoping that this graph will help us in understanding the dynamics at play within the areas of Sex Work, And Various levels of Sex Crimes (and their elements), in addition to the dynamics at play within the professional sphere and our everyday lives. Before I begin explaining the graph in general terms, I need to mention that each rectangle (the small tiny ones) can be expanded to create a graph that is similar to the fully-developed one above where its expansion will help us “zoom-in” and get as technical as we need to get in order to connect the lines in relation to elements at play as these too can help us in the fields of psychology, criminal justice, and various social study and science fields.


Graph Analysis:

The figure above shows a large rectangle that is divided in the middle horizontally and in the middle vertically creating four distinct areas that are numbered 1, 2, 3,  and 4.  Areas 1 and 3 are in relation to women. Areas 2 and 4 are in relation to men.  Some of these areas are merely a “magnification” of certain elements within other areas. For example, Area 1, is a magnification of Sexual Harassment as it is being acted out “Voluntarily” by the woman in the form of Sex Work. In addition, certain areas combine to make other areas on that graph. For example, Sexual Harassment and Sex Work can combine to become a Sex Crime. The upper part of this rectangle represents Women. The lower part of this rectangle represents Men. Although area 2, due to the nature of Sex Crimes, is a combination that represents men and women as women are not acting in a voluntary manner…In that, it still represents only men.


In the Middle of the graph you see a rectangle with different color lines crossing diagonally. These lines show how all areas of sexual conduct are combining to influence what we see today as “proper sexual behavior”. It is from that rectangle that all sexual elements are “torn apart” to be “eliminated”, “multiplied”, or “selectively practiced” in different spheres and areas of work, so that they can combine again as to influence society and create a whole new definition of “proper sexual conduct”.

There is a circle around the rectangle in the Middle of the Graph covering parts of Areas 3 and 4, this area acts within “status quo” sexual conduct; hence, it mostly is influenced by other sexual conduct where it changes only when all areas combine again and change the definition of “proper sexual conduct”…that area rarely influences past the “status quo” influence. People within this area are just living within the terms of what we see as proper sexually. For example, in the Middle East, we can say that people within area 3 & 4 are the women who wear the hijab and the men who agree with the standard of conduct attached to women wearing the hijab. Those people are not trying to change that status quo but if we have an event, like the Taliban taking over for example, then those women would wear the Burqa and are influenced by other changes.

In area number 3 within that circle, you will see 3 rectangles with two lines crossing in the middle. Looking at the graph’s legend, you will find that the two lines crossing represents “Accepted sexual behavior”. A rectangle that has two lines crossing through it is also counted as a rectangle that has one line crossing through it. In the graph’s legend, will find that a rectangle with a line going through it to be “rejected sexual behavior”. It is true that all women are subjected to sexism. And hence, in all aspects of “accepted sexual behavior” you will find “rejected sexual behavior”. Meaning that within the elements of the “status quo”, all women are being sexually objectified to different degrees.


In area 4 within that circle you will see 3 rectangles with one line going through (Legend: rejected sexual behavior), these rectangles show Men’s reaction to the elements of sexualization as being the ones who reject it onto themselves and instead subject it onto women. Meaning, that men play the role of enforcing the elements of objectification onto women. This is what we need to assume that all women “reject”.

Area ONE:  Although within the accepted standard quo sexual conduct, we have an element “rejected” universally by women, if you were to look at Area 1 in the upper right of the graph, you will see that there are no rectangles (rejected areas) at all. And as this goes missing from that area, we are given an accepted (two lines crossing) conduct that is meant to say that such work is “voluntary”. Hence, If all women have a rejected element within the status quo by default, we can say that women are not free from sexism. Yet, within sex work, and in order to say that such work is voluntary, one has to assert that sexism does not exist at all. Hence, as one gets to the area of sex work, if men were to add the rejected element (area 2), that sex work turns into a form of a sex crime. Meaning: If women do not want to voluntarily wear the hijab but men add the “rejected” element to that idea, then women may still accept wearing the hijab under a “sexist society”. Yet, if a woman does not want to voluntarily do porn but men add a “rejected” element to that idea, then that woman ia getting raped. Hence, within the terms of “sexism” being non-existent, sex work is seen as “voluntary”. Yet, knowing that sexism exists,  you will see an “orange line” connecting area one to area 2 that shows the nature of this “missing sexism” and what it may yield to in the future in terms of issues within society and for all women at large. I will be expanding that area later on and explaining it in greater detail in order for us to have all we need to know to fix those issues.


In light of the new sexual harassment cases happening across our country, let me get to Areas 3 and 4:

As I mentioned earlier, the first part of Areas 3 and 4 are found within a circle which represents people living within the general status quo. As we move to the left, there is a blue area that is the “professional sphere”. First thing I need to mention is that women are allowed to carry themselves within the terms of “general status quo”. Meaning that if women at large wear miniskirts, a professional woman is allowed to wear a skirt. If all women care about their looks, professional women are not free from being subjected to the terms of “sexism”. Hence, you will see a rectangle with two lines going through it in that area. What makes the professional sphere any different, however, is the expectation that men reject that status quo in such manner that the woman herself becomes the rejecter of it (blue horizontal line across) all while still being subjected to it. Meaning, that within professional sphere, it is as if the Muslim woman herself is the one who wants to wear the hijab as a rejection of men’s sexism despite it being worn due to their sexism. Not only that, but if a woman is not wearing the hijab within professional sphere, we can assume that she has one on. In that, the terms of “sexual duty” has been fulfilled by the woman within professional sphere where men are to act within the terms of not expecting further sexual duty from that woman towards him. In that, it is similar to a man rejecting the status quo itself.

As we move to the left into the area of “sexual harassment” and the first set of rectangles, we find one rectangle for women that has two lines crossing: one blue (professional) and one red (standard quo element). And we find one rectangle for men that has two lines crossing: one blue (professional) and one green (voluntary). This green line enters the “sex work” field—hence, you will find an element of “force” or “lack of consent”. At this point, most women are not certain whether the man is acting in a way that constitutes “Sexual harassment”. Here is what is happening at that point: At that point, a man is taking the standard quo and he is acting in a manner as to “keep professional” while, at the same time, he is taking a sexual element and expressing it as “voluntary” in relation to why women have accepted it. In doing so, the woman is feeling like there is a professional element to the standard quo in relation to sex. The first type of such sexual harassment is in the lack of sufficient participation of women in leadership roles. Hence, due to sexism having made the professional sphere first open to men only, the opprtunity for sexual harassment has been opened. In that, professional sphere dynamics were founded on the bases of sexism being okay.

As we move further to the left, we have one rectangle for the woman that has two blue lines crossing…and we have two lines crossing for the man (one blue and one green). At that point, the standard sexual conduct is given to the woman to carry in terms of professional responsibility where the man is acting in such manner that is dismissive of “sexism” at large and dismissive of his participation in the sexism that women are already being subjected to by default. Hence, in that situation (for example), a woman is no longer wearing a skirt due to the standard quo that already includes sexism…no, at that point, the woman is wearing a skirt and he is viewing the elements of sexism as being voluntarily practiced by women as he also feels that he has the right to assert that standard quo in such manner as if it was never asserted by default. This makes the woman feel like she is the one who has accepted the standard quo in a voluntary manner (green horizontal line). This voluntary manner feels as a form of burden, obligation, force, sexual professionalism, prostitution…most importantly, some women may have the feeling that they should “sleep their way” / “flirt their way”/ “seduce their way” to the top of the professional ladder. Any of these things point to an environment that is harboring “sexual harassment”. Seeing that there is no rectangle for men in that area on the graph, women may feel like they can use sex in such manner where dismissing the element of “rejecting sex” is advantageous. Feeling as if the woman has gotten her job because she is “hot” and she is “sexy” where she needs to confirm to that view in order to keep her job speaks about an environment that harbors sexual harassment. Yet, the most important aspect of sexual harassment is that there comes a point where even if the woman consents to having sex within the terms of professional sphere, that it still may be considered a from of sexual harassment nevertheless.

As we move to the left, we have two blue lines crossing for the woman (professional) and a rectangle with two green lines (voluntary) crossing for the man. At that point, the man is acting as if all sexual elements within the standard quo sexual behavior, including the rejection element, is within his hands to act upon and to dismiss as he likes. The woman is feeling that in being accepting of her professional job, she needs to be accepting of the man’s sexual behavior in addition to feeling the weight of the standard quo sexual conduct as that which is burdensome as part of her job. The green horizontal line shows the same voluntary feeling that a sex worker may feel at her job being shared by the professional woman. Meaning, that sex workers feel that way in relation to their jobs despite them doing it with a smile on their face.

As we move further to the left, we have a rectangle with a green line going through it for men and we have a green rectangle with a green line going through it for women. In relation to women, this is the “voluntary” element that is shared as being the foundation of “Sex work”. Hence if we were to magnify that rectangle, we will get Area 1. As for men, that area within the professional sphere is when he forces himself onto the woman which requires a voluntary ownership of the “rejection” element of sexual standard quo conduct. Within the terms of that “force”, we can see that this behavior is a form of a crime. Although, again, if we were to expand the area pertaining to women at that point, we see that men went ahead and created a “sex industry” that is acceptant of their “sexual requests”.

In the next few posts, I will be “zooming in” on each area and laying down all of the elements that form it in order to create a “rule sheet” and a new policy that is protective of women in our society everywhere.

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