Ten year old rape victim gives birth in India

Excuse my sarcasm for a minute, but we have a great story coming from India: A 10 year old rape victim gave birth to a little girl (almost her age) after the courts denied her parent’s request to have an abortion. The little girl (the 10 year old), who was raped by her uncle, did not know that she was pregnant. Her parents told her that she had a kidney stone problem when she went to the hospital to give birth. The great news is that both of these girls are in a good physical condition if that 10 year old was 30 years old. Otherwise, even if that little girl’s internal organs are doing great, she is not doing so well.

Men often attempt to act in a manner that exaggerates the level of harm against women as an attempt to redefine what it means to “not be treated well sexually”: Such levels of harm are condoned within the terms of cultures and society and sexist ideologies. Yet, such levels of harm are to be seen as a method of cultural/societal/ideological preservation where the terms of cultural beliefs appear to become much milder in how women perceive the way they are treated otherwise. This “otherwise” takes on a double play: It makes an “otherwise” out of the culture itself where the culture starts to be seen in a “new” other-wise tone that is much better than the exaggerated harm in rape cases. And this “otherwise” are these rape cases themselves as they become the thing that women should be escaping.  Whether it is in the exaggerated harm threatened onto women through honor killings, rape, name calling, violence, and abuses of all forms; it stands as true that these have become a new standard upon which we measure “correct treatment from men towards women” where most men can still practice a milder form of sexism with an enthusiastic acceptance of these practices by women. Hence, this rape case we have in India is something that shows us how faulty beliefs never resolve themselves but they become more toxic. And somehow, the more toxic they become, the more the people can stand in defense of the milder beliefs as being “at least better” than the worst case experienced.

It is often explained that such gruesome rape cases are situational and circumstantial: For although some may blame economic conditions and others may blame politics, the truth is that these issues do not stand on faultless grounds but they stand on a sexist foundation where the economy and politics are the problems that keep this sexism alive as men find a safety net in pointing to them as the problem. And truly these things are a problem: but truly, sexism is also a problem. Women are often put in an idle state as they face a hardship that they have no choice but to abide by while men are stuck somewhere between finding that sexism to be more worthy than life itself and wanting to have a better life despite such sexist beliefs. Between this sexism and the problems it creates, the situation becomes similar to a pool with many holes that were poked by 10 different people… Each person is blaming the other person’s hole for why the water is leaking… And women stand as if they are that pool itself… And now they are asked to direct their attention to which hole has created the issue because that becomes the reason for why men are not open to fixing it  as these holes are getting bigger and bigger.  Excuse my HOLE analogy: hole is fine…. but other words are not since I need to be careful not to insult the sensitivity of men—men first, holes are second.

“[The] first verdict the Supreme Court made was that the pregnancy cannot be terminated at this stage based on the opinions of the medical board,” Srivastava , a lawyer who represented the girl’s family, said.

So you have two children and one of them is already 10 years old. Why would you subject her to have to save the life of another human being, why?! She is not obligated to save the life of another child no matter what even if she sees another child drown. She is not obligated to carry the full terms of another person’s life you idiots because that was the problem when the asshole raped her. This entire case is a “gift basket” filled with so many twists and turns that may overtake the life of this little girl. The 10 year old girl has a fetus and the judge looks at her and obligates her to carry it?! But, again, she is allowed to NOT save its life—she is TEN!! And this is where the problem really exists: When you can look at a 10 year old and you are able to say, “yes, I guess because you are 10, you can kill it/you can abort it!” Because let us be honest, this “you can kill it” is of the same magnitude as “you must keep it” except one is seen as “life saving” and one is seen as a case of “we gotta do the best with the situation at hand” where that little girl is now the situation and the fetus is the best that we can do.  So my first issue is that this girl was judged as if she was an adult due to this pregnancy when that is a huge part of the original problem.

Second of all, to force this girl to have this baby is to neglect her youthfulness and to make her a responsible adult in terms of what the pregnancy means to her . Yet, the fact that she does not even know that she is pregnant means that he is subjecting her—totally and in full—to the terms of what the pregnancy means to everyone else but her. To subject her to what the pregnancy means for the child in her “womb” and to put that child above her is the same as being put in a position to save one of two twins and you choose to harm the life of the one who is helping to keep the other twin alive. Yet,  I do not care if you label such abortion as “murder”, the little girl is not obligated to save a life!

When a ten year old gets pregnant, the rape is never her fault and she is always to be seen as if she has gotten pregnant whether she got pregnant or not—since many girls that age do not have their periods yet. Just because this girl has her period, she should have never ever been subjected to the terms of the pregnancy since the rape of any young girl is to assume that the girl has gotten pregnant by it. And if this girl did not get pregnant, then we see that such cases should be looked at not in relation to what is best for a fetus (since the fetus should remain an idea that has fully developed whether a fetus actually started to develop or not) but in relation to what is best for the girl. Hence, the fetus a young girl may carry from a rape should be seen as “always existent” and as “fully developed” to represent the innocence of such young girls  as well as the extra harm it has caused her whether she got pregnant or not from a rape situation (since whether she got pregnant or not depends on her menstruation age and not on the absence of the rape itself–and since that aspect depends on the “woman” or the “girl”, then it contradicts the terms of rape that depended on a man). Meaning: that if a young girl does not have her period, she would get raped without chance of pregnancy. So we should assume that she would have gotten pregnant if it was not for her “being too young”. Hence, this “being too young”, gives all young girls (under 17 or 18) the assumption that if they were raped, that they have gotten pregnant due to it. The fetus, in such cases, is an idea that we should assume  every little girl to have carried to full terms if she is able to get pregnant. But due to age, that fetus MUST remain an idea (due to not being old enough to have a period yet) never meaning anything more in physical terms than an extra harm added onto the girl. This truth in condition, that is applied naturally  to little girls who are too young to have a period, is to be applied onto the young girls who happen to be old enough to have their periods–since that age of menstruation differs from one girl to the next. Hence, in dealing with such situation, we always must—as soon as possible—adhere to the terms of that condition by removing the fetus and giving it the correct status of an “idea” that should have no physical meaning past the extra harm it has done onto that girl. And the fetus is to be removed at any point in a pregnancy since the assumption is that the fetus is an idea: where an idea is “a thought fully developed”. 

Indira Jaising, a senior lawyer for India’s Supreme Court and a leading voice on sexual assault and domestic violence, told CNN in July that the case was indicative of the types of problems faced by people who belong to the “poorest section of the society and the remotest part of India… It is a class issue, it is an issue of access to medical services,” she said. “It is an issue of access to proper information about how to deal with this situation. It is alarming that a medical professional did not attend to this much earlier.

Usually when we speak about low class and upper class, we speak about economic status. But when combined with moral issues, such as rape, “low class” becomes a stereotype statement as if one is saying, “This is a low class person and that is why she is talking with her mouth full!” Hence, the rape case is not indicative of the types of problems faced by the-good-for-nothing-low-class-pieces-of-shit. Although I understand that the women in India (specially the upper and middle class women) are told that such stereotypes are true whenever they attempt to complain about the beliefs in their culture where they are usually told that, “this is just low class people” in order to invalidate their experience and their feelings OR due to the fact that their mothers have also had their experiences and feelings invalidated as well. And let us not “kid” ourselves, either: this rape case is also not an issue of access to proper information about how to deal with this situation since such situations should never happen to begin with. it is not due to “no information” that this girl was raped and it is not due to “no information” that her situation turned out this way: because no information is made for the sake of 10 year old girls since they should never ever be raped to begin with.  In addition, this rape case is NOT an issue of having access to medical services since these medical services are not usually available for the sake of 10 year old girls as well. No reproductive services in this world are made for the sake of 10 year old girls since we would rather them never needing such services. The situation turned out this way because a 10 year old was raped and sometimes that is how these things turn out! 

 This rape case is a thing created by cultural beliefs and ideologies. The rape culture in India—as well as the rape culture in the Middle East and other surrounding regions— are rape-like in how restricted women are within it… and how imposed they are to behave in accordance to the men in it… and how threatening it is against the lives of these women by default… and how unbending it is towards any change. Such cultures differ than other belief systems due to the fact that where others may look at rape and clearly say that it is a wrong that men have committed, such cultures are still floating around the idea that the woman is the one who caused it and that she is the one who deserves it. And such cultures do not apply such beliefs only to rape, but these beliefs are embedded deeply in every aspect of their practices. Women in such cultures are living a rape-like life that is often sexually defined with the added quality of “restriction” that makes it more rape-like than the life that other women are living in other places around the world. So let us forget about the low-class and let us not skip over the school of thought that these men are taught as they teach it to these women and girls.

The school of thought that is practiced in India makes little girls out of grown women: the restriction on women, her inability to make her own choices, the lack of independence (which is starting to change although not for the sake of the woman nevertheless), the status of a woman as a burden where a man must “suffer” in caring for her, the expectation of the woman to obey lest she suffers a list of consequences, and the use of fear to suppress retaliation and to discipline the women—these things, which are more characteristics of how one deals with a little girl or a little boy, are the backdrop ideology upon which these women are treated and confined to. When these characteristics pertain to sex, then it is not far from resembling an adult man raping a little girl. And that is the real issue behind this rape case. Adult men raping little girls is what such cultures attempt to make out of grown women. 

A rape culture: it is a culture that is aimed at removing and stripping away a woman’s rights to make choices and her rights to live in accordance to her own free will in order that men have sexual power over her through a series of events that subject her to the terms of what he views to be right sexually for himself. India has a rape culture. Pakistan has a rape culture. The Middle East has a rape culture. The rape culture here in the west differs as it is more societal where society itself aims at increasing the potency of sex and what it means for the woman as it is being defined by the terms of what it means for men . The rape culture in America is a part of its society. Yet, India and the Middle East and Pakistan have a rape culture that encompasses their entire ideology.

This little girl was told that she had a kidney stone when she went in the hospital for the delivery. This really bothers me on so many levels: First, we know more about what happened to this girl than she knows herself. We know she got raped; she does not. We know she got pregnant; she does not. We know she had a baby; she does not. And there is nothing I hate more than a bunch of people “cooking up” the life of another person (usually a woman/girl) behind her back. THERE IS NOTHING I HATE MORE—BECAUSE THE  GIRL WOULD BECOME SUBJECTED TO EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM THAT EXISTS IN THIS WORLD AS EACH PERSON ADDS AND SUBTRACTS THEIR OWN VERSION OF THIS GIRL WHILE SHE SITS THERE UNDER THEIR MERCY . Imagine if you went in for an operation to get a kidney stone out but everyone in the world knew that it was for something else. It is not offensive: it is  offense itself. For what is an offense but that which comes at you without warning? And what is an offense but that which puts you second to others? And what is an offense but that which allows others to have more of you than yourself? And what is an offense but that which creates a gang of people to stand up  on one side while you sit on the other? So: What is our duty as people in this world, since this is more than just a news-story? Is it our duty to make sure that she aware of what had happened in order that she is not the “last to know” in her own life? Is it our duty to NOT accept it upon ourselves to find out something in a manner that subjects her to the secretive operations of others (literally: it was a secretive operation)? Do we have the duty to make sure that she has a safer life and a safer home? I need to think about that for a little bit and see if I can start a petition of some sort because I cannot bear to think about the hell that she may suffer due to this alone. Leave a comment below: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well!

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