Bullying: Traits Within Sexism

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Bullying is a behavior based on a “pre-observed/pre-determined” intent where one person (the bully) turns the other person (the bullied) into “his”  “bad intent” as to continue to follow that intent as it lands on the bullied person… where in doing so, the “bully’s” intent starts to become “good” and the “bullied” becomes a person who is viewed as one who has a “worse intent”; thus allowing room for people to become bystanders.

There are two intents: one is the intent that the bully keeps and one is the intent that is “given” to the bullied. The victim’s intent is based on that which the sexism within society WRONGLY views to be negative/unacceptable in relation to character and traits. Hence, in a sexist society, being weak is seen as unacceptable and negative…being “feminine” is seen as being weak and negative…being “nerdy” is seen as being weak and it is unacceptable and negative…. being a “mamma’s boy” is seen as weak and unacceptable and negative. etc. etc. The bully finds those predetermined “negative” stereotypical views in the bullied as he makes an intent out of them for himself and the bullied. In that, what society views as negative becomes “bad” and it makes the victim appear to be one who is carrying that which is “bad”…where the intent of the bully becomes in relation to “taking care of” that bad…hence, turning it into an intent. For example, if you are “nerdy”, that is seen as one being weak in our sexist society and, hence, that is “bad”…and if I want to only deal with this “bad” when it comes to you, then my intent in relation to you is all you are to me and you become “bad intent”. Again: this “bad” is societal…and the bully merely acts on it as to turn it into an “intent” which is why I said that bullying is based on “pre-observed/predetermined” intent.

The bully keeps an intent that is based on what a sexist society views to be a positive character for a person to have. Hence, the bully is often seen as “tough”, “rebellious”, and as one who “crosses other people’s boundaries” in a manner that is inline with the way sexism functions. In having those traits, the bully becomes one who is currently viewed by society as  “good” and the bullied becomes one who is viewed by society as “bad”. Yet, each person in our world carries both feminine and masculine aspects… we are “nerdy” in some areas and “clueless” in other areas… we are weak in some areas and tough in other areas… all people have both of those traits. The bully has those traits too. And what the bully does is that he presses the DELETE key in relation to his OWN “weak and negative” traits as he deals with them through the person he bullies. Meaning: if I am a cheerleader and you are “nerdy”, I will destroy the “nerd” in me as I come after you and your “nerdy” ways. The cheerleader is “nerdy” in some areas that she may not get to ever explore due to society that has given her the impression that such traits are “bad”.

The intent of the bully in relation to the bullied is one that is in accordance to what society has prescribed as right.: Men, as being seen to be more tough than women, are superior to women who are more feminine than men. To act on these perceptions has already been done and it is part of the fabric that makes our society as it is how the society currently functions. And the bully is saying, “this is bad intent”. He is saying, “this is not just a coincidence…but this is bad intent”. The bully is saying, “under those terms, that side destroys the other side”. And he is saying that, “under those terms, that side gets to target the other side”. And the victim is right in how he is perceiving society too and he is right in relation to what society is asserting and he is right in relation to how society makes him feel…and the bullied is also right in feeling like he is treated as the bad person… and he is right to feel like he is being targeted unjustly…and he is right to feel as if everyone is against him as he feels alone. Society is responsible for the bullying behavior that happens amongst children and teenagers. How women are viewed in our world is not something that is complex enough given that its banality is something that any child can pick up and get very attuned to as to repeat it with precision against  another person with little to no deviation from what society has done onto women.

A bully is bad intent that men thought they can dump  on women and walk away free men because truly freedom starts with looking out for the self first.  But bad intent is a bully that is unpredictable in how predictable it is to use fairness as to give everyone an equal chance to be its victim. We just cannot predict although it is predictable that it will. The bully, which is an army of bad intent concentrated, concentrates as a method of affliction turning hours into a second and taking years and turning them into a day. Bad intent takes what is and reverses all it took to make it … thus rendering a person wasteful of her own life—it concentrates as a mechanism of action in order to get the most out of its time as if we are the waste of time. Take a vase…how long did it take to make it? Throw it on the ground… it takes a second to break it. Bad intent concentrates as a mechanism of action and men doubled that concentration as to lead women into a concentration camp that is the world itself.. Men added concentration against women: they took their bullying and turned it into culture, traditions, repetitions… concentrated even more than what it means for bad to be bad. It is a new life under which those who live in it are not even worthy of their own selves yet alone worthy enough to live. Traditions, religions, cultures: a bully that follows women everywhere they go forcing some to have no choice but to cover their faces in desperation. So what is a little bullying coming from one child towards another? You mean to tell me that we are willing to see that to be the same as the bad intent men had towards women? You mean to tell me that we are willing to take a child and wag our fingers at him as men sit on the sidelines demanding righteousness to come out of the seed they sowed? Women can no longer separate the man from his intent as to continue to over look the past and the present and the future for the sake of receiving a sense of love that is needed due to the intent he had. For if we are okay with men and their intent towards us, then it better be a good intent…. but it is not. And if we are willing to get over men’s intent as to love them in an everlasting manner, then we can get over a bunch of kids bullying each other, right? What is a little bullying here and there coming from kids?!

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