The Free-Will To Love

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Within the round of free-will, love is an element of repeated exposure that creates a sense of familiarity—first in relation to life and in relation to its nature and second in relation to the commonalities we have in the choices we make within our free will and third in relation to the unique personal likes that become our passion. Free-will is the first aspect of love as we all should exist due to it and not due to the infringement of our mother’s rights in being imposed into having us. As many of us are here today against our mother’s free will, love often becomes a compensatory element as a tricky balance that we need to work hard to feel and attain. Family is of the nature of love through repeat exposure that creates familiarity whether the family is biological or not given that free-will is assumed to be an aspect of its creation under which the elements of care are also employed. Men have abused such familiar and familial ties, however, as many have imposed women to spending a life-time of restriction as their wives given that they have married them at a young age or through beliefs that do not have much respect for her free will and her right to self exploration. Society, which often works with men in advancing their agenda against women as if we are stupid due to the fact that violence is men’s ultimate authority as the law prescribes itself to have always worked in favor of men over women, is a place of common identity that takes into account the aspect of location and environment as these two dictate the terms of that which is a familiar background as to create a common language for people to understand each other. Hence, language is an aspect of love expressed through words where each word is an expression of love in and of itself. Societies around the world have been working against women, however, thus far. And in doing so, the aspect of familiarity and the aspect of repeated exposure has been used as a tool to abuse women into feeling loved within terms that are often contradictory to what it means for one to treat another decently. The deprivation of free-will in relation to women is met with the force of imposition as imposition attempts to mimic the commonality as for the rules to be enforced without a woman having the right to take herself personally. In that, women have fell in love many times as love itself has been subjected to the abuses of men.  

Elements of repeated exposure, when abusive, can induce a psychological reaction that is often strong enough to change one’s sense of reality as to no longer be able to judge right from wrong. Such abuse is an attack against the mental state of a woman as it is a thing that diminishes her imagination and her creativity proven by the fact that many women cannot imagine life to be any different than the way it is today or any different than the way it has been in the past. In fact, due to love we know that imagination often can regress whenever the conditions are bad enough in reality for one to imagine a worst state to be more likely than they are able to imagine a better one. For in being familiar with abuse we handicap our right to love more freely as our right becomes only focused on removing the elements of abuse found in reality at the present moment. And in being familiar with abuse, our free-will (which is an aspect of love) becomes imprisoned by the repeated exposures of that which is imposing that even our free-will is no longer free as it starts to be within the rounds of imposition itself—hence, making it more correct for our ability to love to be hindered as we would not be loving the right things. 

Multiplication is one way under which love is displayed. And the multiplication of people is not an aspect of that love the way men have enforced it against us thus far. When it comes to trees: maybe we can say, “multiply and fill this earth with your seed, ye trees”. But when it comes to people, having the right to exist cannot happen without women having their rights in full which is a thing that is proven to be so by the fact that most of us are consumed with many problems that turn life into a form of a punishment. The difference between love and punishment is clear as the difference between rape and not-rape. And although “not-rape” is no where to be seen today as all we have today in this world is just “rape”, love has become a word associated with the tone given to a disguised version of rape as sexual relationships are still happening under the umbrella of oppression and as individuality is not the place where the commonality of love is encountered first by others. Meaning: love between people starts at a societal level first and one cannot make this man or that man the exception to all the otherwise sexist men. Hence, in relation to the dynamics of existence and the dynamics of love, women today meet love as a personal confrontation in a situation that is merely one moment away from having the chance of becoming a rape case. 

Multiplication without intent to multiply is not a multiplication but a coincidence. And this form of love is in agreement with our reproductive organs as it is a form of love under which people’s free will has been respected enough to create a random commonality in interest as a way of building the love in this world. Love is built and it is not built using slaves nor is it built by breaking one’s back and neither is it built by a non-bending way of oppression under which love is defined by terms that have been made in dodging that which is against it as to become a thing related to deceit. Love is everlasting indeed. And our actions are everlasting whether they are followed by everyone in the universe or whether we have written them down on a piece of paper that we ended up throwing in the trash… for there is nothing in this existence that has not existed and can be made to not have existed if it ever existed. Hence, we are part of the everlasting of love as that love is not forgiven onto itself if it overlooks its own self. Meaning: how wrong would it be if love is no longer love? And so, in oppressing women for this long, what is love and how forgiving is it allowed to be onto itself as it still needs to remain “love” for the generations to come? 

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”Corinthians 13:4-8 Yes, love is nature and love is that which we need to live by and live in and be a part of as it is a thing we are exposed to that we cannot be made to be subjected to as a thing that is against us. For what is the patience in love but in the fact that it is built by interest? And what is there to envy in relation to love when oppression and injustice is not an aspect that is out there to hinder you? And what is there to boast about in relation to love but the fact that it has not dishonored others? And what is there to be proud about within love than the fact that it has not provoked an urge for us to compete against each other? And what is the self to love except that the self is only put secondary in commonality as for it to be allowed to be put first in relation to what makes that secondary? Hence, love puts one first in order to also give them a second place and a second chance with themselves as one joins others. Love indeed does not delight in evil as that would be the same as using it against itself where it becomes alive as to rejoice in its own truth being respected. And love does need to be a protection and not a threat against us as we should always greet this world while feeling that trust itself has not been compromised in it where our hope merely become in relation to a goodness we hope to do right by as perseverance comes with the same ease it takes for one to inhale a breath of fresh air. 

Back to reality: 

The romantic aspect of love is self-boasting as it comes with a sense of entitlement over the lives of women…. as it is a control method aimed at making women feel doubtful about their condition into defending their abusers…. as it is a dishonor against women as it defines them by their sexual organs…. as it is a thing that aims to give a protection only in relation to the same men exposing us to fear and threats and insecurity…. as it is a thing where wrongs shift their coarse from being something that is related to women’s status in this world to becoming a thing that is related to how well the relationship is going between two people where one of them has been isolated into measuring the love in this world through only one other person under which anything less than “great” becomes an unacceptable harsh judgment that begs for the relationship to be put to rest. Indeed, the romantic aspect of society that men want to label as “love” is a blinding extension of abuse that gives a humanity to men more so than we have done in not harming them as that becomes a humanity that is greater than what it means for one to be a human being…turning men into the lords of women. Abusive indeed. 

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