The Sexual Myth of Trusting Your Self-Confidence!

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Trust is the confidence that one has in his/her own judgement as it pertains to one’s self. The more confident that I am in my own judgement, the less that I have been abused (or the more that I had to work to restore it if I was ever abused). And the less that I have been abused, the more I can trust others. Through trust we can see that abuse leads to diminished self-confidence.

Women have been deprived of their right to trust themselves given that trust is something that one builds through the accomplishments of that which one values in a unique manner.¬†Hence, we have trust and we have uniqueness. Abuse is not a unique gesture. In fact, the systematic nature of abuse is banal in relation to how it is carried and what damage it does to people. The uniqueness of every individual preserves self-confidence and it is under that uniqueness that we can say that we are given the right to trust each other. Women have been treated as to negate our individuality. We have been deprived of opportunities and our rights to pursue our desires. We have been deprived of being a foundational aspect in the world as men have decided the bases of our existence as if they are the lord almighty. We have been abused into a level of self hatred that has spread to every inch of this world. We are being given opportunities on a sexist foundation that is made out of our own absence. We are greeted with sexism as a casual gesture that means nothing at all because men have decided to give it the value that it is originally worth all of the sudden after having given it our tears and blood for thousands of years. Trust is not a thing that comes when I look at another and say, “that person seems trustworthy” for there is not much out there for that person to work with anyways. Trust itself is becoming less personal…for we trust and trust makes us.

When we think of trust, we may believe it to be a feeling. But trust is a mental “body part” that covers the whole aspect of the mind and the self. Yes, the mind and the self—hence, the body as well. If you break a leg, can you trust that you would be okay walking without help? And if you are an elderly person, do you trust the person who is taking care of you? Do you trust your level of resistance? Do you trust that you desire the right thing? Do you trust your own judgement as it pertains to your mind and your emotions and your physical being? Think of trust as an integrated fiber that makes up every aspect of you. Your liver has trust as part of what makes it….your heart…your mind…your judgement.¬† Who do you trust in this world and how much of you are you willing to put in their hands?

We have men who have abused us in a nonsense fashion. And they want to have romantic relationships with us. They demand that we give them our entire being via trust that they have not earnt. “Trust me….and give me all of you”—that is a demanding gesture. Of course, in order to ask us to do such thing, men had to abuse us first in order to minimize the level of trust we have in ourselves. Hence, if you had a million bucks and I ask you to give me all the money you have, you would not even think twice before saying, “no way!” Yet, if someone else robs you and leaves you with two dollars, then it would not be such a big deal if you give them to me in exchange of me being your “friend”. Such business transaction under which men have waged their bets that women will not stand a chance with themselves is unacceptable to say the least although it has been quite profitable for them lately. Do you women not mind giving men your legs? It appears that if a man was to cut your right leg off, that your reaction has been to cut off the left leg and hand it to him as if you are Jesus Christ, women!

Trust is built with the self and through the self and towards the self first as we exist to be ourselves. We do not need to be ourselves by trusting others to bestow upon us our own selves. We trust ourselves and then we care not to infringe on other people’s rights in order that we can trust them too. Men have created armies to replace trust destroyed. Men have spent billions on weapons in order to have a peace of mind…the same peace of mind that they belittle if we were to dare ask to have it. Billions is how much peace of mind is worth…if a woman says that she needs to have peace of mind, she gets a sarcastic comment as a reply. How many trillions of dollars have men stolen from women by selling us short? And truly it takes trillions of dollars worth of effort if men want to replace our peace of mind and it takes nothing but being ourselves to accomplish the same.

The sexualization of trust is nothing short of one depriving another from having a peace of mind. A peace of mind: that is an overall condition when it come to the brain. It is an overall condition in relation to reality itself…it is an overall condition in relation to the ENTIRE WORLD. And here we are in a sexually submissive state being asked to invest peace, reality, and the world into another person as if we are allowed to do that and as if that is within our rights to do as responsible human beings who have been entrusted with much. We do not have the right to trust men in this fashion. It is not your choice, ladies! It is not within our human rights to trust men as we have our life and he has his! WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRUST MEN, DEAR WOMEN! WE CANNOT BREATHE UNDER WATER AND WE CANNOT TRUST MEN! Nothing in this world has ever been required to trust another person, animal, or even an object. Men want to act g-dly as to demand a level of trust that certainly will make us unable to trust g-d himself. When one has put himself in charge of more than his own body, there shall be plenty of bodies on the ground.

Women’s rights require of us a level of trust that the world has invested in us as it has given us the right to continue life on earth. We are not allowed to pass that duty over to men as we escape our responsibility. And no man is allowed to infringe on such right as to have me say, “give us liberty or give us death, sir”.

The weak minded game of sexual fidelity is an underperformance in regards to our duties as women. We have sat on the side lines. We have skipped rocks on the river as we giggled. We have held hands and walked down the aisle. And we have accepted being a man’s doll as to allow him to move all of our limbs as he likes. But it is time for women to demand that which no man is allowed to rebuke or get in the way of. Trust is a thing that creates fear if it is infringed upon. They say that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Yet, for our lives we run in fear when we can no longer trust….So, I say that there is something to fear more than fear itself: When trust makes us run for someone else’s life against our own selves , then fear becomes a friend indeed.

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